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Below are marks for the College of Agricultural Sciences academic units.

There are several formats for the marks.

Print: .eps

.eps files are vector files, intended for print purposes. eps can be opened in a variety of design-related programs, such as: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Pagemaker, Corel Draw, Quark Xpress, Microsoft Powerpoint and Word.

Web: .png

.png files are intended for web use only, and are not large enough or high enough resolution to be used for print.

Other: .jpg

.jpg files are images and can be used in ways similar to .eps and .png files. .jpg files can be opened using any photo viewer program as well as Photoshop and other design programs. For a .jpg file to be suitable for print, the size of the files needs to be greater than 1MB.

According to CSU graphic standards, if you are using the word mark for your school, department, or other entity, you must also place a CSU/CAS mark somewhere on the piece you are designing. When manipulating the size of any word mark, hold down the shift key so that the proportions remain the same.

Click on the unit you wish to get marks for:

College of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Department of Animal Sciences

Department of Agricultural Biology

Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

Agricultural Experiment Station

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