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The College of Agricultural Sciences uses Helvetica Neue, Klavika, Proxima Nova, Titillium, and Vitesse as its main brand type families. Minion and Swiss 721 (serif and sans-serif respectively), are the official CSU brand type families and should be used in all communications affiliated with the University.

To maintain a clean look, no more than three different fonts should be used in any one item. Accent fonts may be used in titles or headlines but may not appear in the body text. Accent fonts should be substantially different from the official University font families.

Understandably, not all communicators own a copy of these two fonts. Substitutes are listed below.

Acceptable substitutes for Minion (serif):

  • Garamond

Acceptable substitutes for Swiss 721 (sans-serif):

  • Helvetica
  • Arial

Read more about typography and look at design examples in the Communicators Toolbox.

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