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Web Overview:

Please familiarize yourself with all guidelines outlined here

If you are interested in what makes an image or publication print-ready as opposed to web-ready, read Print. Additionally, guidelines for the web will generally apply to any screen-only applications, such as Power Point presentations and emails.

If you are looking for logos and color swatches, please visit the resources page or the University resources page, depending on what your needs are.

Please note, any website designed for the purpose of representing a College of Agricultural Sciences department must follow all web standards and guidelines. Most of which are outlined on this site, but can also be found in the Communicators Toolbox.

Questions about designing for the web? Take a look at the Department of Web Communications.

Web Requirements

  • Logos: Use an official Web Logo and place it in the top 200px of the webpage you are designing. It must be a part of the overall design. It must link to
  • Color: Green and gold must be the predominant colors of all websites. Use accent colors sparingly and appropriately, and avoid creating color combinations recognized as other Universities (black and gold = CU, for example).
  • Type: Primary typefaces for websites consist of Minion and Swiss 721. Garamond and Helvetica or similar make good substitutes. Body copy should be sans-serif.
  • College Look: The University brand consists of strong, bold headers, impact words, and a clean style. Photos should avoid multiple layer effects and collage-styles and have clean edges.
  • Required Links: Pages must link to:
  • Academic departments must also link to Admissions.
  • Student web pages on University servers must link to the Student Disclaimer Statement.
  • Accessibility: Web site content must be accessible to people using assistive technology.

Logo Use Guidelines For the Web

  • Use only the logos provided.
  • Use the logos in the sizes provided. Refrain from resizing. Resizing causes a degradation in image quality.
  • Do not alter logos or color them anything but white, green, or gold.
  • “Web Logos” are provided for use on websites only. They are not suitable for print publications and will not print well.
  • Raster files need to be 72 dots per inch (dpi) and saved in the .jpg, .png or .gif formats.

Best Practices Guidelines

  • Check for grammar and spelling.
  • Update your content regularly.
  • Avoid linking to commercial sites.
  • Optimize for search engines by using unique TITLE tags, accurate META descriptions and keywords, and place most important headlines in “h1” tags.
  • Follow W3C standards as you code.

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